Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dolly Reaches Us...

The rain poured ALL day today... and last night. It probably started last night at about 9 o'clock, and it really hasn't stopped since. This is really becoming annoying... oh, and before you wonder, NO it was not a sunny rain... I didn't see the sun all day.

This morning we rose early as I was recovering from the movie last night and Will recovering from White Sands with his cousins. At about 11 we went to the mall and Will used a coupon and some money that had been burning a hole in his pocket to buy some toys that he just "had to have". After that, we went to the movie theater at the mall, Mom and Will wanted to finally get a piece of "Dark Knight" that I had been playing up for so long. And truly, I wont lie, I did not mind one bit seeing it for a third time... its worth it.

Of course, everyone enjoyed it... even Mom, who doesn't like comic book movies, or Batman for that matter. Then, we went to Fudruckers for a late lunch at about 3. The food was very good, and very good for us, I'm sure... haha.

Then, we went to Clint to see our cousins. Uncle Nick had caught a quick flight out to avoid the weather. So, we just hung out and chatted and at about 7, all 5 kids came to Horizon. We are gonna stay up all night watching movies and playing games, probably. But hey, movies and good times are what weekends are for, right? ahaha.

So, I won't get too theological on this one, but know that sometimes an easy, fun weekend is necessary to keep us from pulling our hair out. As even my Grandfather put it today as he mumbled back to me when I told him about hanging at the movies yesterday, "Don't worry so much, Zach. Have a good time..."



Kari said...

Zach... missing the wit and humor...where have you been?