Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Lost Dog

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a lost dog? Seriously, what it would be like to wonder on in places that you have never been in before, hungry and alone. What if your owners just left you out in the desert somewhere? What if you weren't wanted?

The reason I ponder on this subject, is because today, driving around my Grandpa's farm, Lex, Kate and I found a lost dog; completely out of place. She was wandering around, nice collar on her neck, beautiful golden fur across her body. Her teeth were white, like a home-dog, and she was VERY tame. She would come and let us pet her often. But, by looking just a little farther back, one would easily notice that she was starving, malnourished. Her stomach was like a balloon that just deflated, she hadn't eaten in a very long time.

Poor, poor pup... all of the adults concurred that she could not come home with anyone... not even for the night to take her to the NO-KILL-SHELTER tomorrow... we kids wanted to grab picket signs and go on strike. How can we just let her die?

Will she live long? I doubt it... and I know that sometimes it is wrong to doubt the Lord, to just doubt the good-nature of humanity, but when I looked into that sad, beautiful animal's tired eyes, I felt like she was abandoned by the world.

We all must remember, at all times in our lives, that we, as Christians and even as people together have a DUTY to protect one another... perhaps God gave us this poor animal so that we would learn NEVER to let one of our own, a person become so lost that they cannot be found.



Stephanie said...

This is such a commentary on our society. We just throw away what is inconvenient and never look back. As Christians we must be different from the world and look after those who are tossed aside. This was a beautiful post about our human responsibilities!