Sunday, August 3, 2008


Man, have I gotten tired in the last few days. I can barely even stay awake to type this message. But, don't take any of this to mean that I am not enjoying the start of this year... believe me, it kills Freshman year in a heartbeat. I love EVERY class that I am in, the people in it with me, and the start of some of my extra-curriculars Not to mention the golf team. I am not gonna go out on a limb here, but I will note that our golf team is vastly improved and will be pretty good this year. Its going to be hard to win our 5A district title, considering we will be facing the super-rich power house teams of Coronado, Hanks, and Franklin, but I think that we should come in just behind them; by any means, it is an improvement. And we WILL beat our rivals of Montwood and Socorro, as they were just with us last year.

So, now that I have gone of on a rant about the golf team, I will try to change the subject... On Friday, I decided to try and hold the first Sophomore Class meeting (Student Council) so I told many friends to tell their friends and tried to get as many people to come as possible. We pulled 37! Now, hold on a sec. I know that you are thinking that that isn't a great number, but compare it to the 7 or 8 we had last year. We have very high expectations for this year. Among some of our soon-to-be activities are: Volunteering at the Humane Society to help the animals, Walking in the DaVita Kat walk for Kidney cancer research, and Volunteering at the Red Cross. I really do think that for us, it will be a great year; you see, it wasn't just one group of people, it was representation from all around the school. I told my football friends, baseball friends, Honor Society friends, golf friends, COSMOS friends, and even cheerleader friends to come over and support us. The result was overwhelming. We couldn't even fit in the room! (Next time we are meeting in the theater... can't believe we had to book that, but with an expected turn out of 50+, its a safe bet...) We have double the kids of Senior Class, and probably 4 times as many as Junior Class... Seriously, this can't be me... we have SO MANY great kids that want to help in the community. Man, again, this will be a great year.

What else to tell you? Oh! I heard all about the little fight about spelling between Mom, Kari, and Grandpa, and all I can say to that is... be glad Dad doesn't have a blog. Hate to put it that way, but his forte was history... or maybe sports... definitely NOT spelling.

You know, I don't want to go on all day here, but really... some good things have happened this week. And the work, the exhaustion is almost relaxing... if that makes any sense. I have had more fun with great friends these past few weeks than I have in a LONG time... Life really is great.

Sometimes, one has to consider the fact that things DO happen for a reason. Sometimes, one must consider that hard work CAN pay off... Sometimes, YOU have to just take that opportunity and make the best of it.

Gob Bless you guys, and have a great week... just love life, and take the chances you are given.



The Fields Family said...

Hope this helps you feel better, Zach! I know how much you've been waiting for someone to post a comment!!

Zach Fields said...

Very funny mom... hehehehe (sound more like sighs of anger than real laughs)

Kari said...

I really can spell... and I use spell check on the blog brain just thinks faster than my fingers can type!

Kari said...


Momo and Papa are coming the 12th or so and will be here for about a week.. I just heard the message from your mom about you being this way towards the end of the month. What days do you know yet?